Welcome to the SOBR lab!

The SOBR Lab was founded by Dr. Rachel Calogero in 2010.

We are a research laboratory that is now housed within the Social, Personality, and Social Development Research Cluster in the Department of Psychology at Western University. We conduct social psychological research on the interplay between social identities, social ideologies, social stigmas, socio-cultural contexts, self-concepts, and lived experiences as they pertain to wellness, resistance, (dis)empowerment, and social justice for the self and others.

Our group of psychological scientists utilize qualitative and quantitative methods, and a combination of observational, correlational, experimental, and longitudinal designs with a range of populations (e.g., emerging adults, preschool children, people with eating disorders, ethnic minority women), to investigate the (often invisible) ways our social environment shapes the way we think, feel, and behave.


Welcome Warda Chaudhry and Ella Keogh to the SOBR lab as incoming MSc students!

Congratulations to Megan Lindloff for successfully defending her master’s thesis!

Congratulations to Danika Quesnel for successfully defending her master’s thesis!